The Boho Experience

The Boho Experience

Relax those wrinkles!


I work closely with you to determine which neurotoxin (Botox is also in this category) is best suited for you. There are three to choose from and two coming to market soon. Together we can strategize which product will give you the results you want as well as the longevity you're searching for.  

* I honor the Brilliant Distinctions and Aspire rewards programs

I also offer Microtox™ (this is not your regular Botox treatment) I use this technique to soften crepy skin.  

Add some volume!


Unfortunately with aging comes volume loss. I use a variety of dermal fillers to enhance the volume in the most natural way possible. I work very hard to recreate the volume you've lost over the years without changing your look. My goal is to have you look as natural as possible. I will say, I can create fun lips if you like!

Dermal fillers I use include: Radiesse, Belotero, Versa, Juvederm line of products and the Restylane line of products including Sculptra.

Lift it!


If you have not tried Nova Threads you need to! I can literally lift anything with threads. This has quickly become my most popular treatment and the results speak for themselves. I begin injecting Nova Threads in January of 2018 and they are literally taking over my business. I am the #1 injector of Nova Threads in Colorado to date, 2nd only to a practice with 4 injectors. I was also hired for the American Institute of Aesthetic Medicine to train other injectors on Nova Threads. 

I can lift brows, cheeks, mid face, lower face, neck, chest, breasts (depending on size), knees, and butts. You name it, I lift it! 

Soften your Look!


I can soften your look in such a natural way using a variety of techniques. A little wrinkle relaxer, a little filler and a few threads can do wonders! My happiest clients over the years come see me every once in awhile and let me put a variation of the above mentioned, to give them the natural look they want without spending an exorbitant amount of money. 




Relax....and maybe heal a little while I inject you



I offer Sonder Grace CBD!

Just a littler dropper before each injection can calm your nerves in a homeopathic way.  

Sonder Grace Hemp Oil Tinctures are made from organic, non-GMO Colorado Hemp. They challenge you to find better tasting, higher quality CBD Oil on the market. Offering both Lemon and Peppermint for a delicious choice of flavors and rapid absorption. Add the Lemon flavor to your water or the Peppermint flavor to your coffee or simply place a few drops right under your tongue for maximum BIOAVAILABILITY.

250 mg of CBD per bottle

10 mg of CBD 1 mL (1 dropper)

25 FL .oz of oil per 30 FL. oz bottle

Their Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Tinctures contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil extracted in a chemical-free process for maximum purity, quality and benefit.




At my very core I believe in the healing powers of crystals, and the natural substances of the earth to bring us into balance. I am working hard to create an environment where injections can be made as comfortable as possible, by having natural healing aids such as organic CBD and a MediCrystal® Amethyst chair mat to maintain a soothing experience as I inject you.


MediCrystal® Amethyst Mattress Mini contains around 6.5 pounds of 100% Natural Untreated 2-7 mm tumbled Amethyst gems of Brazil origin. 

The Mini Mat is usually used to focus warmth on some local parts and applications, it is effective for relaxation and tension reduction.

These warming mat sessions may help you create a relaxing and soothing environment important for proper muscles and joints function, optimal strength and flexibility.

You can envelop yourself with pleasant warmth of natural crystals and gemstones which may be helpful to alleviate mood swings and hot flashes bringing you back to normal condition and good shape.