"I met Kristen a couple of years ago when I consulted with her about a sensitive topic regarding my child’s scars on his arm. She couldn't have been more genuine, caring & thoughtful with her consultation. It meant the world to me. She naturally made us feel comfortable and clearly showed how deeply cares for her clients. I went back to see Kristen for myself and again she showed the same wonderful care. I have seen Kristen several times over the past couple of years for various treatments such as Botox and fillers. Kristen is honest and straight forward about her treatments. She will only work with you on areas where she sincerely recommends improvement but also is so subtle that no-one can really tell you’ve had anything done, meanwhile you look and feel years younger. She is a gentle artist of the face! Kristen has done wonders for me and I couldn’t be happier with my results. She is also a joy to be around. Kristen is an amazingly talented, gentle, honest, happy soul. She has my trust 100%! I adore, admire & love her!" ~TJ, Loyal Client for Life!

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to say Thank You for the incredible results you have achieved in turning back the clock in regards to my facial appearance!!

I have been to numerous facial injectors prior to you, and none of them came even close to your skill and expertise when it came to making me look as youthful as I felt. (Even the two M.D.'s I saw could learn a lot from you.)
You have an amazing gift when it comes to erasing the years from my face. You're like a unique Artist with filler, and I so appreciate you sharing your skilled hands & eyes to help me look better then I ever expected!

I showed my children a picture of me from eleven years ago, and the first thing they said was, "Wow mom, you look way younger & better now then you did then!"

My husband also adores the fact that his wife looks younger and sexier then before!

Your compassion and the way you actually care about all of your clients is something I have not found elsewhere. Thank you again for sharing your talent and your passion for excellence in all that you do!" 


"Two years ago I met an amazing woman who changed my life - Kristen Miller.  I asked Kristen how women in Hollywood (like Demi Moore) have such beautiful skin and look so young. Kristen taught me that it is a series of things such as fillers, lasers, products, sunscreen,  hydration, nutrition and quality makeup.

After seeing Kristen for a little more than two years, my skin looks better now on my 40s than it ever did in my 20s. Kristen's less-painful technique of using cannulas instead of needles while applying fillers is much less painful than needle injections. It also rarely bruises the face and there is no downtime. Kristen has a sensitive and kind spirit, putting me at complete ease during each treatment. I completely trust Kristen and know she will always give me a natural, refreshed look every time.

Kristen has also helped me overcome a lifetime of acne. My bringing it to my attention that my acne was hormonal, she recommended spironolactane and bio identical hormone therapy. The result has been beautiful, clear skin that I dreamed of having. Kristen is THE BEST at what she does and I could not recommend her and higher."


"I have been visiting Med Spas for Botox and Juvaderm injections for approximately ten years and in that time I have met with a handful of different providers.  I was never fully satisfied with any of my previous providers either because they left me bruised, uneven or attempted emotional manipulation to attain more money from me.  I met with Kristen about six years ago for a second opinion and have never looked back.  Kristen by far outweighs her competition in regards to technique, training, skill and artistry.  She is genuinely caring, compassionate and wants to empower and encourage her clients.  She is a beautiful person inside and out.  I would not trust my face with anyone else and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a trusted, long-term relationship with a provider who will keep your best interest at heart. Kristen is the best!!"


"Kristen Is an Artist!"