Massage and Crystal Bed

With Shay Taylor

Massage at Boho Studios takes a therapeutic approach to healing the body, offering just a single service, where the session is customized with a range of modalities to meet the needs in your bodywork session. 

Deep Tissue Work: Deep tissue work is thought to go hand in hand with therapeutic massage, but that doesn't always mean that it has to be painful! Deep tissue therapeutic work is designed to aid and rehabilitate the muscles, even if some deep work is required in your session, we can work together to aid the muscles to your comfort level.

Tuning forks: A form of sound therapy that may be incorporated within the treatment. Tuning fork therapy calms the nervous system and releases neurotransmitters which creates a very euphoric feeling as the body achieves inner balance.

Energy work: Shay is an attuned Reiki practitioner, and  she uses this practice as more of a jumping off point and incorporates her own take on energy work and what is needed in the session.